Design and production applicants must be 21 years or older to be eligible. Sorry, no exceptions.

Designer Application

There are two phases of the application process. Follow the link below to start on the preliminary application. If selected, there will be a second, final submission for any last minute design changes and includes an application fee of 40$.* All application fees go directly to the prize for best in show. Please read over the trash-levels and categories pages thoroughly before applying. There will be several events prior to the show to support designers including trash swap meets and technical workshops. We will let designers know about these events as they are accepted.

* If you are a student, you can opt out of the entry fee, but will not be eligible for best in show.

Production Application

Models of all genders and body types, photographers, makeup/hair stylists, motion graphics designers, and set builders, we need your help! Click the button below to get started.