Applicants will compete for the categories listed below based on materials used and aesthetic quality. A complete list of guidelines and accepted materials can be found in the trash guidelines section below.



Only discarded materials


 Pure Trash

All that litters is bold as you create garments using only discarded materials.*

Trash Levels: 3

* Linings, bindings, and decorative materials are encouraged but must not exceed 15% of the total volume of materials used.



      White Trash

Make Jerry Springer proud with a white trash masterpiece using only shades of cream to white.

Trash Levels: 2-3


Shades of cream to white



Less than 50% trash



It's 50% trash and 50% fierce when you get Trash-E on the runway.

Trash Levels: 1-3

   wabi - sabi            

Seize decay and find some silver in your lining as you create a garment that celebrates the beauty of imperfection.

Trash Levels: 1 - 3


    Beauty in decay


Little Black Dress

Whether skimpy skimpy or hefty hefty, create garments using only black plastic trash bags.

Trash levels: 1


Oh this old thing?

Scrappily ever after


Reduce, Reuse, Rewerk it

Stay on fleek with up-cycle sheik when you use re-purposed clothing, fabric, and other up-cycled materials to put the thrill in thrifting.

Trash Levels: 2-3