How Trashy are you?


Material authenticity will be categorized in the following levels:

1. Storebought

Items that have been purchased brand new, specifically for the show. Including directly from a retailer, NOS (never on sale), and overstock/overbuy.

2. Shifty Thrifty

Items bought secondhand, including from the thrift store, surplus, or thrift bulk.

3. The Real Deal

Items collected before reaching the landfill. Including, but not limited to, materials salvaged or saved from the trash bin, dumpster diving, litter, and directly from the junk yard.*

*For the health and safety of your model and crew, please be sure that your materials are properly sanitized.

Accepted Materials

Can't spin your own thread from tree bark? Neither can we.. yet. Since used gum isn't always the best adhesive, we've compiled a list of acceptable, non-recycled materials to make your (and your model's) life a little easier.



  • Body Suits
  • Elastic       
  • Thread      
  • Glue         
  • Etc.          


  • Paints   
  • Glitter   
  • Sequins
  • Etc.